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Melbourne Iron Roofing

Welcome to Melbourne Iron Roofing, we specialise in a wide range of roofing services for any home – big or small! Your roof is an essential part of your home, but maintenance is often overlooked, which can lead to expensive structural and cosmetic issues. Make sure your investment is protected with a beautiful roof from Melbourne Iron Roofing. Whether it is a tiled roof restoration, full Colorbond roof replacement or new gutters and downpipes, we can take care of everything!

With years of industry experience and fully qualified tradesmen, you can trust Melbourne Iron Roofing to deliver a premium result at a very competitive price point. We pride ourselves on giving our customers exactly what we promise. At Melbourne Iron Roofing we are Melbourne’s leading roof restoration and replacement experts. Our team of skilled tradesmen are fully licensed and qualified, guaranteeing our workmanship and materials on every project.

We are the one-stop shop for your roofing needs!

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If you are looking to make the switch from a tiled roof to a brand new metal roof, then Melbourne Iron Roofing are the perfect match for the job. No matter the size of the project, we specialise in tile-metal roofing conversions, providing the highest quality installation and material warranties.

  • We work closely with you to decide the right colour & finish for your home
  • Full removal and replacement of the existing roofing material
  • Quality workmanship and material guarantee

Colorbond® Roofing

Colorbond® roofing provides a lightweight, versatile and durable solution to roofing. Not only does it look great but its long life guarantee provides peace of mind for many years to come. When it comes to Colorbond® roofing in Melbourne, installing a Colorbond® steel roof has a range of benefits:

  • It adds immediate value to your investment
  • Colorbond® is strong, secure, and weather resilient
  • It improves the look of your home
  • Wide range of colours available with matching gutters & downpipes
  • We are an official Colorbond® accredited partner


Fascia Cover

Are your fascias looking old and tired? Maybe there is timber damage which is causing leaks. Melbourne Iron Roofing can help give your home a stylish finish with fascia covers. They are the durable, long-lasting solution to give your fascias a cleaner finish with reduced maintenance costs.

  • Protect your investment and prevent water damage
  • Give your home an updated look in a cost effective way
  • Full range of Colorbond colours to match any roof style
Before & After
Before & After
Before & After

Roof Restorations

Do you have an old tiled roof that is detracting from the look of your home or causing water leaks? Melbourne Iron Roofing can also help with full roof restorations to help give your property a brand new appearance.

  • Prevent water leaks and fix broken tiles, pointing and gutters
  • Better water run-off and prevention of gutter overflow
  • Quality workmanship guarantee
  • A huge range of options and colours available

Gutter Protection

Protect your gutters from collecting leaves and debris with Melbourne Iron Roofing’s gutter cover services. When build ups occur in your gutters and downpipes, backflow can cause water damage, sometimes even causing your gutters and fascias to rot.

  • Keep gutters clear and allow water runoff to flow correctly
  • Prevents vermin, bird and leaf contamination
  • More cost effective than regularly cleaning gutters and with little to no maintenance required
  • Increases the longevity of your gutters
  • Compatible with Bluescope roofing products, 15 years warranty with a life expectancy of over 30 years

Gutters & Downpipes

Your gutters and downpipes are an essential element of any roofing system, channeling water runoff to located points around your home. If your gutters and downpipes aren’t in good working order then you can have overflowing gutters, increased stress on your roofing materials and even suffer major water damage come back into your roof space.

  • We check all alignment of gutters to ensure correct fall is in place
  • Prevent stagnent water which leads to rust
  • Quality workmanship guarantee
  • A huge range of profile options and colours available

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